Top 5 best services to manage user feedback in 2020

Productroad is a feedback management tool that was founded in 2020 and it is not the first service for feedback management. We want to make a review of some good services for feedback management that inspired us to create Productroad.

Most of the user-gathering apps are mostly set of boards with feature upvoting, but there are also brand new apps to help place widgets.

Feature upvoting tools


Uservoice is one of the oldest players in this market, it was founded in 2008 in San Francisco. It started as a forum and become a powerful tool to manage feedback and make a right decisions.

UserVoice aims the enterprise market: they not public prices and use direct contacts via sales team. Also it’s have a set of powerful features to analyse feedback and make a beatiful reports right in the service. 

According Crunchbase UserVoice has received $9.5M investments from 15 investors so they can spend money for a good team and marketing.


Canny is a relatively new and fast-growing service, was founded by two digital nomads: Sarah Hum and Andrew Rasmussen Started with no funding, this year they crossed 1M ARR. They grew their full remote team to seven persons for the middle of 2020.

In many ways, Canny has inspired us to make the ProductRoad.

Feature Upvote

FeatureUpvote¬†is so simple and clean. They even have a one pricing plan: for $79/board/mo you got unlimited… everything!

- Top 5 best services to manage user feedback in 2020
Feature Upvote feedback board

If you like design of UserVoice you will probably like the Feature Upvote.


ProductRoad launched in 2020 after about one year of development. Our aim is to make an affordable alternative to UserVoice for small and medium businesses.

- Top 5 best services to manage user feedback in 2020
Our feedback board for feature requests for ProductRoad.

Feedback widget

Feedback Fish launched on Producthunt in the summer of 2020 and already liked by people. The service provides you a simple widget for feedback. It can be considered as good alternative for live chat and costs $10/mo.

- Top 5 best services to manage user feedback in 2020
Clean and simple widget of

We hope that this small comparison will be a starting point to choose a service that fits your needs.

As you can see, there are enough utilities on the market in 2020 to users feedback management, all that remains is to choose the most appropriate one in terms of functionality, design, and price.

Make a better product!