We made a free Canny alternative number 1 on market

Productroad was bootstrapped and has zero funding so we know how hard it can be to manage the budget of your startup. Indie makers face the problem of lack of paid customers and growing of spends (yeah, we all need to pay for hosting) especially often.

To help small startups and Indie makers we made a free plan. So if you are looking for an open-source or free alternative to UserVoice or Canny our free plan could be a great choice.

What the free Canny alternative includes

⏱ It’s free for an unlimited time. You can work on your startup as much time as you need and have all suggestions, plans, and upvoted features in one place.

👩‍💻 One team member. As we made a plan for startups and small teams we made only one team member available. It will definitely cover Indie makers need who works on their projects alone, small teams also can have a dedicated person who will track user’s feedback (usually it’s someone from founders while another founder keeps the focus on technical questions).

👯‍♀️ 50 tracked users. Honestly, you are lucky if you have 50 users who tried your product and give your feedback. Our experience tells that only one user from ten who tried a product writes feedback. This way you can have about 500 customers and still use Productroad for free. By the way, with Canny you will get 100 tracked users for $50.

We hope our free plan will help your company grow faster and earn the first money, and we help you to build the right features for your users.

Also, of all the Canny alternatives, we are currently the only one that counts active users in billing, not all users.

Anyway, if you need a free alternative to UserVoice or Canny just try Productroad for as long as you need, you will like it!