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The best tools for collecting and processing user feedback.

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Collecting Feedback

Save feedback from customers and team members in one place.
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Unlimited feedback boards
Create as many boards as you need - this is free.
Voting for features
You can allow all users or specific groups to vote.
Magic link login
You can programmatically create links for users that, when clicked, Productroad will create profiles for your customers and log them in.
Anonymized feedback
On boards with this option enabled, only team members will see the user's full name and real profile picture.
Feedback suggestions
When a user starts typing in a new review, existing reviews will be shown to the user first.
Company branding
You can upload their logo, favicon, choose colors.
Custom domain
You can connect your domain. Works directly and via Cloudflare.
Vote on behalf
You can vote for features and leave comments on behalf of another user.
Closed mode
If you want to use the product only within your company, your account will be completely closed off from the outside world.

Processing Feedback

Analyze and refine feedback by interacting with users.
User groups and segments
You can divide users into groups and collect feedback for each group on a separate board.
Private boards
You can create boards that are only available to your team or to certain groups of users.
Private and Pinned comments
You can pin comments on top of a post or make them available only to members of your team.
Guests boards
Only your team members can vote on the guest boards, users only follow the prioritization and leave comments.
Notifications from your email
If the user has subscribed to updates, they can come from your company email address.
Post tags
You can assign tags to posts and group them by tags.
Post merging
If users request similar functionality in different posts, you can merge posts, votes, and comments.
Analytics and statistic
We collect and show statistics on views, votes and new users. But you can also integrate with Google Analytics.

Working with Roadmap

Prioritize feedback and share your progress using roadmaps.
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Task prioritization
On the Roadmap, you can move the posts higher or lower.
Multiple roadmaps
You can create multiple roadmaps, generating them automatically by statuses, boards, and tags.
Private roadmaps
Some roadmaps can only be made available to team members.
Custom statuses
You can create and change statuses for feedback.
Customizable number of columns
Roadmap can contain from one to four status columnsю
Date estimates
You can set a start and end date for a feature.
Assigned team member
You can assign a team member to each feature.

Publishing Changelog

Keep your customers in the loop with the changelog.
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Post drafts
The post will remain a draft until published.
Scheduled publications
You can set the date and time of publication.
Custom labels
You can create custom labels in the changelog that are independent of the feedback status.
Markdown and drag-and-drop image uploads are supported.
Release ratings
It is possible to enable the option of evaluating the release by the user.
Public or private posts
Some changelog entries can only be available internally.
Your own domain with SSL
You can also connect a separate domain to the changelog.