We changed the pricing. It’s the fair pricing now.

We changed our pricing, again. Now we do that to finally make fair pricing. This time we changed not only prices and volume but our approach to counting usage.

I won’t hide it, we got it from Slack, the company that we think makes products for people. We decided to follow in their footsteps.

UPD: deprecated, we do not limit by the count of active users at all

We offer a Fair Billing Policy because we believe you should only pay for members that are actively using Productroad. While  other companies will charge you for users who left one comment or vote for a few features a long long time ago, we will bill you only for users who use Productroad in the current month.

We suppose only 5% to 10% of your users will actively contribute to the feedback portal, so even having thousands of customers you still able to use our cheapest plan.

Price / mo$19$94
Active users / last mo100500
Our pricing

One exception is our free plan. On that plan, we still count the total count of users.

Some example of how our billing counts users compared to billings of other tools:

Users who submit feedbackJohn, James, Mary,  JenniferJames, Jennifer, RobertRobert, Elizabeth, ThomasNobody votes
Billed users on Canny, Upvoty, Hellonext4577
Billed users on Productroad4330

And we also have a free plan and discounts for community projects.