UserVoice pricing – why it’s so expensive and not public?

A few years ago, UserVoice pricing has been changed and made non-public. Let’s find out why they made that decision and what the current prices are for UserVoice.

uservoice pricing

History of UserVoice pricing

Years 2013-2015: UserVoice was an affordable tool. $20 per agent for standard plan and $55 per agent for enhanced plan with SSO, unlimited custom fields and permissions. You can find old pricing page using wayback machine.

uservoice pricing 2013

Year 2017: UserVoice pricing starts from $199 and UserVoice prepared to launch a plan for $499.

- UserVoice pricing - why it's so expensive and not public?

Microsoft changes everything

Microsoft became one of the largest customers of UserVoice, which gave the service a pass into the niche of Enterprise customers. Microsoft used UserVoice for many engineering groups until March 2021, if the insights are to be believed.

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So what is the current UserVoice pricing?

Since late 2015, UserVoice has been promoting their basic plan for $499. The $199 plan was still available until the end of 2017, but in 2018 the pricing page was removed from the site.

Here’s how a former UserVoice employee comments pricing policy on Quora:

uservoice pricing explanation from the former employee

In addition, UserVoice actively sells additional features. For example, at one time the company was asking about $100 for a custom domain linked to a feedback portal.

UserVoice doesn’t provide discounts?

Back in April 2020 UserVoice’s website says: “No discounts for startups, small businesses, academic institutions, non-profits or charities.”

From my experience, large vendors often offer discounts in exchange for long-term contracts, the purchase of training courses or even case study placements, so you can haggle with the sales department.

But why aren’t the prices public?

Closed prices urge you to contact the sales department. With your contact and initial interest, the company can begin to sell you the service more actively. In addition, by gathering some public information, you may be offered a special price or a discount.

And why to charge $500?

UserVoice’s pricing says that they want to serve enterprise customers

Companies need a focus. The needs of small businesses and enterprise companies are different, UserVoice decided to focus its efforts on doing what Microsoft-sized companies need, which can appropriately pay for the right functionality and even the development of special features for a particular customer.

The focus on large companies requires lawyers on staff to prepare and verify contracts, SLAs and other legal nuances.

User acquisition cost is high, especially in enterprise market

Selling to large companies is hard, you have to have a large sales department, and it can take months to close a deal. The marketing strategy is not limited to contextual advertising in search engines, you need the cost of maintaining the marketing department, ordering articles and reviews, exhibitions, and so on.

The marketing budget of large companies can easily amount to millions of dollars.

Is UserVoice worth the money?

Of course, yes, but… If you’re a large Microsoft-sized corporation and it’s not so much the functionality of the product that matters to you, but the company’s readiness for a customer of that size: drafting and negotiating contracts, the right SLA, developing special features.

For medium-sized businesses, UserVoice will work too, but will the price be justified? We recommend that you look at alternatives.

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