Productroad is Aha alternative tailored for feedback management

Productroad is Aha alternative that was made with a focus on feedback management and customer engagement.

Why people prefer Productroad

  • 💬 Focus on Feedback Management
    We made our product with a focus not on product management but on feedback management.
  • 🎁 Awesome Changelog
    You don't need an additional product for Changelog.
  • 💎 Clean and Simple Design
    While Reddit is still good not changing design since we aim to provide the best user experience.
  • 👋 Transparent Authorization
    You can create and authenticate users in Productroad just from your product. Accounts registered in Productroad are connected to accounts in your product.
  • ✉️ Customer Engagement
    Your customers will be informed about changes in features they subscribed to.
  • 😎 Premium Support
    We always ready to help you.

Productroad helps you collect user feedback, prioritize it, make a roadmap of a project and inform customers via changelog about new cool features.

Free 14 day trial. No credit 💳 card required.