Productroad is product management focused Canny alternative

Productroad is product managing and privacy focused, customizable Canny alternative.

Why people prefer Productroad

  • ↕️ Sortable Roadmaps
    Productroad allows you to prioritize user's feedback on roadmaps via drag and drop.
  • 🚧 Customization
    You can customize many things: statuses of user's feedback, count of columns in roadmaps, roadmap visibility, etc.
  • 🔑 Advanced Security
    You can enforce authentication via OAuth and set the privacy level for the entire account our per entity.
  • 📈 Built-in Analytics
    While we constantly improving our analytics you can check some basic metrics right now from our app.
  • 📑 Multiple Roadmaps
    With Productroad you can have as many roadmaps as you want. Each roadmap is customizable by feedback status, tags, user segment, or team members.

Productroad helps you collect users 💬 Feedback, transform it to 👩‍💻 Roadmap and inform customers via 📢 Changelog.

Free 14 day trial. No credit 💳 card required.