Need the best alternative for Nolt?

Nolt alternative

Users who choose Productroad notice that their customers find Productroad boards and roadmaps easier to navigate. Productroad is also far superior to Nolt for collecting feedback internally and from employees. Also, Nolt has a fixed price of $25/month per board, and with us you can start at $9 or even free, and we don't limit you on the number of boards, keep feedback in the most logical way for you.

Better roadmaps

Our roadmaps are more familiar to users because many users already have experience with Kanban boards (Trello, Jira, etc.)

  • ✅ Show multiple roadmaps.
    Sometimes you need more then one roadmap (e.g. keep separate roadmaps for different platforms or departments). Just add as many roadmaps as you want or hide them all from home page and use top menu for navigation.
  • ✅ Drag and drop posts on roadmaps.
    Sort posts in each column as you want, drag and drop post to another column to change status of post.
productroad company page
Company page on Productroad
productroad is nolt alternative - roadmap
Product roadmap on Productroad

Feedback boards

We added extra navigation into our boards.

  • ✅ Filter posts by status or hashtag.
    Any user will be able to find interesting posts using filters or search working between all boards.
  • ✅ Any user can find own posts.
    Users can track their ideas by selecting their posts in one click.
  • ✅ Advanced post creation form.
    You can customize the label of a button for post creation. Also post creation form provides more control to post: user assignment, status assignment, and defining ETAs.
productroad board page
Feedback board on Productroad


Productroad collects reactions and comments to posts in changelog.

productroad changelog
Changelog post on Productroad

💪 Why people prefer Productroad

Security features

With Productroad you can secure your data and differentiate access for different user groups and team members.

  • ✅ Internal mode.
    You can completely hide your account and allow entry only for members of your organization.
  • ✅ Login via OAuth.
    To protect against weak passwords, you can force your login via Google or Github and thus use their authorization tools.
  • ✅ Access settings for Boards and Roadmaps.
    You can differentiate access for guests, team members and different groups of authorized users.
productroad security features
Security features on Productroad
productroad board security
Board privacy settings on Productroad


Productroad allows you to customize your logo, favicon, company name color, buttons and forms for creating feedback, email addresses from which notifications are sent and much more.

  • ✅ Custom statuses.
    Set up any workflow. Productroad have as many custom statuses as you need.
  • ✅ Multiple custom roadmaps.
    You will be able not only to select the displayed statuses, but also to adjust the number of columns, select boards and tags, whose posts should be shown in the roadmap.
productroad custom statuses
Security features on Productroad
productroad roadmap customization
Board privacy settings on Productroad

Productroad helps you collect user feedback, prioritize it, make a roadmap of a project and inform customers via changelog about new cool features.

Free 14 day trial. No credit 💳 card required.